HairMD Clinical products are part of the Elit Pharma group of companies. It is produced in European standards and under GMP conditions. Elit Pharma has been specially formulated for post-hair transplant care and repair in collaboration with Turkish and Swiss dermatologists in R&D Laboratories.

HairMD Stem Cells

About HairMD Clinical Products

HairMD is a patented brand of Elit Pharma group of companies. HairMD Clinical Products is formulated to support the necessary care, repair and healthy functioning of the process after hair transplantation.


HairMD Products Benefits

HairMD Clinical products contain patented herbal stem cells, growt factors, actives and components. HairMD supports the repair process of the scalp whose natural flora structure is deteriorated, activates the cells.

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Hair Transplantation-HairMD

Hair transplantation is a preferred method today. The products used after transplantation affect the success of hair transplantation. It is necessary to use the right products for the scalp and hair follicles whose natural.

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What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

The place where hair is formed and developed (Scalp) is the scalp. In order to prevent hair loss and to keep the hair healthy, it plays an important…

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What kind of product should I use for my hair ?

Products with low chemical content should be used to prevent hair loss and protect the scalp against the factors that cause hair loss.

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Plant Stem Cell and Hair Growth Factor and HairMD

In clinical studies conducted with Plant Stem Cell Phyto Cell Malus Domestica and Hair Growth Factors included in HairMD Clinical…

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HairMD hair transplant clinical shampoo-serum-tablet -before-after
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