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    • What shampoo should I use after hair transplant?
      The period of time in which it will be necessary to use a specific shampoo will likely be limited to the first seven to 10 days, as the grafts will have taken root by this time and the patient can then begin treating their hair in the same way they did before undergoing the transplant procedure. Even so, many patients opt to change their hair care habits following the completion of their procedure, with quite a few choosing to utilize natural oils as a method for strengthening their remaining hair and protecting it against the damage caused by washing and shampooing. Should I use HairMD Transplant Shampoo after a hair transplant? There are quite a few products that claim to effectively combat hair loss by preserving existing hair and stimulating the growth of new hair, but few have the clinical trial research necessary to back up these assertions. HairMD Transplant Shampoo is one of the few products to have been extensively researched through clinical trials and has proven its effectiveness time and again throughout the multitude of tests to which it has been subjected.
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