Frequently Asked Questions


What are differences of HairMD?

HairMD transplant has a superior form of efficacy and is therefore not in the same category as other shampoos. HairMD which uses stem cell technology for the first time, aims to protect your transplant hair to the maximum extent.

Would HairMD Transplant be beneficial against local hair loss?

The dermatologist first determines the cause of this problem for the treatment of the local hair loss problem, which is usually caused by problems under the scalp. HairMD will help you as a necessary treatment support.

Is HairMD suitable for all ages?

HairMD Transplant is suitable after 3 years old children and others.

Can I use HairMD after hair transplant process?

After hair transplantation process you can use it for better hair holding on scalp and hair growth earlier.

Is it beneficial for hair loss after cancer treatment?

Because of its cell renewal properties using HairMD after treatment will speed up the hair growth process.

Is it necessary to use HairMD continuously?

It has a quality content that you can use for a lifetime of your hair.

Is prescription needed?

Our product is in cosmetics category,so it is sold without prescription.

What about unexpected side effects?

There is no reported unexpected effetcs.