HairMD Clinical Hair Repair Shampoo 100 ml

Exclusive Anti Hair Loss Sensitive Shampoo

$ 35,00

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HairMD Transplant Clinical Hair Repair Shampoo with sensitive and intense content helps prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth. It helps to protect against the harmful effects of hair loss, to stay healthy and strong, to keep the hairy area barrier and to keep it flexible and moist.

HairMD Transplant Clinical Hair Repair Shampoo is formulated to support the healthy functioning of the process after the hair transplantation.

HairMD Clinical products contain patented herbal stem cells, growt factors, actives and components. HairMD supports the repair process of the scalp whose natural flora structure is deteriorated, activates the cells responsible for hair production and provides fast repair of the hair. It has a sensitive content suitable for use from the first day on in hair transplantation. It does not contain petroleum derivatives.

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