• HairMD Transplant Clinical Advanced Series Producs

HairMD Transplant Clinical Advanced Series Producs

HairMD Transplant Clinical Hair Repair Flacon Serum

Advanced Anti Hair Loss Restorative Serum

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HairMD Transplant Clinical Advanced Hair Repair Serum, which has a stronger and more intense content than normal hair serum, helps prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth. It stimulates hair follicles and supports the natural growth process of hair.

HairMD Transplant Clinical Advanced Hair Repair Serum has been formulated to support the healthy functioning of the process after the hair transplantation.

  • Supports to form new cells.
  • Helps to increase cell viability.
  • Helps to protect cell form longer.
  • Helps to delay basic cell aging.
  • Helps stimulate hair growth factors and prolong hair.
  • Helps to suppress DHT hormones activity and reduce hormonal hair loss.
  • Helps to prevent intense hair loss and to support new hair formation.
  • Helps to stimulate hair follicles, to make hair more stronger, thicker and filled volume look.
  • Helps to hold the grafts after hair transplantation and to get a much faster result.
  • Helps to prevent and reduce shock  hair loss after hair transplantation.
  • Helps to obtain fast and effective results for people who are not suitable for hair transplantation and who have hair problems.
  • Provides faster and more effective results than other hair products.

In formula of HairMD Transplant Clinical Repair Flacon Serum;

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica

  • Helps in the formation of new cells, increased cell viability, long-term preservation of cells, delaying the basic cell aging, and speeding up the repair process.


  • Helps to increase hair quality by increasing hair anagen phase and reducing breaking and rupture problems.
  • Increases the thickness of the hair strand and helps to give the hair a fuller appearance.
  • Reduces shock hair loss after hair transplantation and helps the transplanted hair to be removed earlier.


  • Helps to restore hair’s vitality by extending the life cycle of the hair.
  • Helps stimulate hair follicles and increase cell viability.
  • Clinical trials with AnaGain ™ showed an increase of up to 78% in hair formation and hair growth in 3 months.
  • AnaGain ™ helps build stronger, fuller and thicker hair.

Saw Palmetto :

  • Helps reduce dense hair loss by suppressing DHT hormone.
  • Helps restore excess sebum to normal grade.
  • Helps accelerate blood circulation and prolong hair much faster.

Herbal Complex and Aminoacids :

  • Helps to hair tissue build up.
  • Helps to restore the intensive moisture needed by hair follicles.
  • Helps to regulate sebum secretion.
  • Helps prevent dandruff formation.
  • Helps accelerate blood circulation and prolong hair much faster.
  • Helps improve hair quality, provide elasticity to the hair, reduce breakage, repture problems and speed up the repair process.

HairMD Clinical Reapir Flacon Serum contains many extracts and active ingredients that have been proven to be effective in clinical trials except for the above active ingredients.


10 pcs Advanced Reapir Flacon Serum Flacon 6 ml + 2 pcs. Applicators

  • Starting from the first 14th day after hair transplantation to use HairMD Transplant Clinical Repair Flacon Serum helps to hold the grafts and increase the success of the transplantation. It provides a much faster and more effective result than other hair products.
  • Open the vial’s cap. Lightly press the dropper in the box on the opened vial.
  • Apply the serum by gently shaking the bottle so that it comes into the area with hair loss vertically. Daily use is 2 ml. In one vial it contains 6 ml repair serum.
  • Give a soft circular massage with your fingertips to spread the serum to the skin and feed it to the skin. Do not wash or rinse the product after it has been applied.
  • It is recommended to use HairMD Transplant Clinical Repair Shampoo as a daily use shampoo to support the healthy functioning of the process.

Application Schedule :

  • It is recommended to use 6 to 12 months regularly for best results.

For external use. In case of contact with eyes wash with plenty of water. Keep it in a cool and dry place and beyond the reach of the children. It is not suitable for use by children under 3 years of age. In case of an unexpected impact please consult your physician. It is not recommended for use by people who have sensitivity against any substance in the product content.

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