What kind of product should I use for my hair ?

The place where hair is formed and developed is the scalp. In order to prevent hair loss and to keep the hair healthy, it plays an important role to protect the scalp against the negative effects that may arise and to meet the needs.

Hair loss is a problem that occurs as a result of one or more cases affecting the scalp negatively. The life cycle of the hair begins to deteriorate depending on the factor. Hair whose life cycle is disrupted weakens and becomes weaker. They lose their old strong and vibrant image. In the ongoing process, the hair leaves the scalp completely and the problem we call baldness begins to emerge.

To list the main factors that cause hair loss by disrupting the life cycle of the hair; Hormonal and genetic factors, insufficient blood circulation, inadequate and or malnutrition, environmental external factors, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, various medications and medical treatments can be listed. If precautions are not taken when one or more of these factors are exposed, hair loss and subsequent baldness will be inevitable.